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PSA Stocks is the diligent company which provides investment solution for pre-IPO Shares (Unlisted Stock Market). PSA Stocks looks after the changing nature and patterns of investments and keep an eye upon them, on a regular basis. We have come so far in delivering the best investment options, available in the market.

We believe in the tireless efforts to make our tasks outstanding and astonishing. To achieve this in PSA Stocks, our teams work throughout the day and night so that we can provide the best investment strategy possible and also without any legal barriers.

Our History

Every step towards our success is worthwhile


We initiated our business in pre-IPO Stocks and enlisted as a firm.


We situated our office to one of the most flourishing industrial hubs in New Delhi, India.


We completed some mega investment projects, and with this, we became one of the leading substance in Pre IPO Stock Market.


We enlarged our investment advisory board with the addition of the most experienced in this field and experts of their work.


We also became digitally advanced with Govt. of India regulation to generate and provide digital certifications for unlisted Shares.


We developed our own digital presence with a very unique kind of website, of this field. Now we have got an opportunity to reach to the extent never possible before. The whole world is now joining with us and understanding the changing structures of investment. What about you…….?

What Our CEO Says

“The stock market has always been so fragile & systematic that it becomes difficult to understand its challenges and prospects. However, in PSA Stocks we have performed endlessly for our clients. It becomes possible because of our friendly team of dedicated experts, who are passionate about their work & focused towards their performances.”
Amit Anand (CEO / Stocks Advisor)

Our Professional Advisors

Amit Anand

Stocks Advisor (10 Year Experience)

Avneesh Saini

Business Partner (15 Year Experience)

Nalini Singh


Ravi Lomod

Legal Head

Our Success Rate

PSA Stocks has delivered some astonishing results in the last 10 years of its existence.

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