Buy Unlisted Shares

Buy Unlisted Shares

Buying an unlisted share in India might not be difficult If you are an ordinary resident of India. But, finding an existing holder of unlisted share who is ready to sell his stake is a bit difficult. Most of it depends upon the medium through which you are going to make it possible.

Another important thing here to understand is the probability of the unlisted share getting listed in the near future, value at which the stock is available & the business of the company. If you invest it on your own without considering the actual mechanisms existing, then you might be in trouble of losing your investment.

Our Unique Buying Strategy

However, there are mainly PE funds/ other Pre- IPO alternative investment funds available from reputed AMCs as well and so on. In an alternative investment fund, the fund manager with his team of experts’ meticulously evaluates the investment opportunities before committing to such investments. The probability of striking a good deal with such funds is much higher as it has been well evaluated and deeply analyzed.

Our team invests in companies which already have higher chances to be listed on the exchange market and may provide a higher rate of return in the coming future. When we invest in a company we look for potential market dominance, management competence and scope for the future IPL listing. And we ensure all these with the maximum hard work we can make for that.

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