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Our Bank Detail

Bank Name Account Name CA Number IFSC Code
Indian Bank, Jasola PSA STOCKS & ADVISORY SERVICES 6773022840 IDIB000J033


Our bank details are clearly shown on our website. Our account details provided to you for transaction, on our website, will remain the same even while processing transactions and NO CHANGES will be occurred in our account details during the course.

  • We do not take the responsibility if your transaction would be failed while processing it into or in our account.
  • We will also not be responsible for your money if it is deducted from your account and have not transferred into the account of your wish. Please kindly contact to your home branch bank office for further enquiry.

However, In case our bank/account details get changed, hence the same will be presented on our website in the soonest.

  • We do not take the responsibility to inform you about the same personally.
  • The details will be visible on our website, and we understand that you are already aware of this.

We don’t:

  • Contact you personally, through any medium be it either phone call or email or any other medium, to inform you about the changes occurred in our bank/account details.
  • Request you to mail your bank details either.

If you receive any such notification, it may be a fraud or scam and may harm you.

Do you have any query before sending payment?